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”We connect equity with opportunity”


Our Approach

Our company mission is to help our clients create, protect, and grow their legacy wealth by providing conservative, high-yield opportunities to passively invest in cashflow-producing commercial multifamily real estate.

If you would like more detail about what we do, I would be happy to speak with you. 

Brian Newell

Founder & Managing Director


Our Advantage

Our Principal, Brian, spent many years as a commercial apartment community manager of 200+ unit properties and also  over 12 years analytical expertise in the banking industry holding various roles in business operations, financial forecasting, and risk identification & remediation.  

We partner every asset with the best support team: from our high volume mortgage broker, to certified property management, to local contractors, attorneys, and vendors. We do our research and only use the best in the business.

We remain fully transparent throughout our projects. We are in constant contact with our managers, contractors and investors, ensuring we are sticking to our key principles of honesty, integrity, and dependability. 

We maintain close partnerships with other operator/ investors just like us with 20+ years of industry and investing experience to assure we are always using the most efficient and beneficial strategies for the best returns on our investments.


Our Offer

We want to make it Easy to work with us on our deals, so we always give the majority of equity and cashflow to our investors. 

We look for assets with good cashflow and a strong backend. We purchase our properties in a predictable path of progress, leaving plenty of opportunity to increase NOI and equity. We use conservative underwriting. 

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